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Who We Are

The Besrour Centre's working groups and teams have leaders and representatives from Canadian universities and partner countries. Together, they collaborate to develop tools and strategies to advance family medicine around the world.

People and communities around the world

  • Family medicine champions and experts
  • Educators
  • Medical school deans
  • Students and learners
  • Family medicine researchers

Canadian institutions

  • Canada’s 17 faculties of medicine
  • Professional organizations
  • Government
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Private and public foundations

Where the Besrour Centre works

The Besrour Centre works with global partners to establish and advance family medicine globally. With the expertise of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), the experience of family physicians, and international partners, the Centre increases access to quality health care around the world.

Besrour International Locations

Where Besrour international collaborators work:

Americas Africa Asia Pacific Persian Gulf
Argentina Democratic Republic of Congo Australia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Brazil Ethiopia China Kuwait
Chile Kenya French Polynesia United Arab Emirates
El Salvador Madagascar Indonesia  
Guyana Malawi Laos  
Haiti Nigeria Myanmar  
Jamaica Rwanda Nepal  
Trinidad & Tobago Senegal (State of) Palestine  
United States of America Tanzania Vietnam  

Besrour Centre Teams

The Besrour Centre has established working groups, research teams, and consultation experts to help accomplish the organization’s mission and goals.


  • The Research Working Group: Develops papers to disseminate the research of working groups, to be published in academic journals, including Canadian Family Physician.
  • The Narratives and Family Medicine Mapping Working Group: Collects and analyzes narratives describing the emergence of family medicine in all Besrour partner countries; identifies themes and strategies that enable the development of family medicine in various contexts (narratives from 14 countries are currently available by searching the CFPC Global Health Narratives).
  • The Scientific Committee: Acts as a peer-reviewed sounding board for potential partnerships and encourages scholarly exchange between Besrour partners by organizing the annual Besrour Forum’s scientific program
  • The Besrour Centre Learner Group: Connects interested Canadian and international family medicine residents with projects currently in progress; provides residents interested in strengthening family medicine around the world with the ability to engage with other like-minded individuals.


  • The Advocacy Working Group: Develops an advocacy framework and tools to advocate for family medicine before high-level audiences such as ministries of health and deans of medical schools.
  • The Ethics Sub-Committee: Develops a framework and tools for the establishment of ethically sound, academic, international partnerships.

Medical education and training

The Medical Education Working Group: Collaborates with partners seeking to establish and/or strengthen training and education in family medicine primary care; advances family medicine training and education via a range of strategies focusing on assessment of needs, training and standards, and continued professional development (CPD), practice support and lifelong learning.


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